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Respect Effect - A Revolutionary New Program

A $750,000 problem: Avoid it with Respect Effect.

A single legal claim arising out of employment issues can cost an employer $750,000. That "price tag" includes the average recovery of a successful plaintiff, attorneys' fees paid to the plaintiff's attorney, and the cost of hiring an attorney to defend the claim.

Developed by experienced employment attorneys and trainers, Respect Effect is a cost-effective and results-oriented training program for employers seeking to improve and enhance work environments and reduce the risk of legal claims arising from employment issues. This program educates your managers and employees about the characteristics and the benefits of a respectful work environment. This distinctive training program teaches participants the skills they need using methods that appeal to multiple learning styles.

Program Benefits:

  • Provides an in-depth assessment of why respect is important and how the laws were developed
  • Offers different workshops for managers and employees to increase their understanding of company policies and legal obligations
  • Trains managers and employees to understand and demonstrate the building blocks of a respectful workplace
  • Includes real-life scenarios via video vignettes showing what discrimination and other work issues look and sound like today - national origin mistreatment, disability and religious accommodations, retaliation, and age bias
  • Includes facilitated interactive exercises that encourage employees to work with their colleagues to share perspectives and master new concepts together
  • Addresses employers' challenges in cultivating an inclusive work environment
  • Addresses management's obligations and responsibilities in responding to employee concerns
  • Focuses on all types of harassment and discrimination, including conduct based on sex, race, national origin, religion, age, and disability
  • Provides practical how-to advice to help minimize conflicts in the workplace, including how managers can effectively field complaints and resolve problems